Theoretical Research in Development Economics is pleased to announce that the 2022 edition of the annual ThRED conference will be sponsored by the Università di Bologna and held on its Campus on June 9 through June 10, 2022. You can find the conference program here. If you have any questions, please email

About Us

ThRed is an organization dedicated to research in Development Economics. ThReD takes theory seriously, including empirical work that is motivated and guided by theory. The questions of economic development necessitate continuous dialogue between theory and empirics. Our goal is to provide a platform that contributes to this dialogue from the theory side. That means we support research where the main contribution is theoretical, research that combines theory and empirics, as well as research that is purely empirical but is theoretically grounded and helps us choose between alternative theories, and/or stimulates further theoretical research. Our goal is to hold workshops, conferences, and host working papers and lecture notes, all geared to a methodological focus that is theory-oriented.

ThRed has held several conferences in Development Economics, and plans to hold several more. This website will keep track of conferences, past, present and future, and in addition it will act as a respository of working papers and lecture notes. Stay tuned as we develop this respository into a more structured archive of development research.

If you are interested in particpating in ThReD by organizing a conference, get in touch by sending email to Currently, being an Associate of ThReD is by invitation only.

Please feel free to browse through this site by using the links above. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.